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International Journal of Risk Assessment and Management (IJRAM)

International Journal of Risk Assessment and Management

Title Author(s) Vol. and Issue nos. Page nos. Full-text article
Risk Leveling - an organised risk management approachShahid Rasheed; Faiza Yaqub; Chang Feng Wang; Suhail Memon; Bruno Rafael Dias De LucenaVol.21 No.1/2135-153Free access
Reputation aspects in investment decision making: contribution to corporate securityMaria Bakumenko; Anatoliy SigalVol.21 No.1/2111-134Free access
Hybrid logical and probabilistic models for management of socioeconomic safetyVasily Karasev; Eugene SolozhentsevVol.21 No.1/289-110Free access
Top-economics: management of socioeconomic safetyEugene SolozhentsevVol.21 No.1/265-88Free access
Mathematics for management of socio-economic system safetyEkaterina KarasevaVol.21 No.1/250-64Free access
Logical and probabilistic analysis of the reliability of the metallurgical complex electric supplyVadim AlexeevVol.21 No.1/242-49Free access
Analysis of approaches to modelling of attitude to risk in normative decision making methodsOleg Uzhga-Rebrov; Ekaterina KarasevaVol.21 No.1/221-41Free access
Quantitative examples of safety assessment using logical-probabilistic methodsIgor A. Ryabinin; Alexander V. StrukovVol.21 No.1/24-20Free access