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International Journal of Public Policy (IJPP)

International Journal of Public Policy

Title Author(s) Vol. and Issue nos. Page nos. Full-text article
Cultural diplomacy in post-apartheid South Africa's international relations: cosmetic or genuine change? Lebogang L. Nawa; Mzo Sirayi; Modimowabarwa KanyaneVol.13 No.1/2117-133Free access
The new CPF Life plans as portfoliosBoon Seng TanVol.13 No.1/2102-116Free access
A MARKAL-MACRO modelling approach to estimate carbon mitigation cost in IndiaSubhash KumarVol.13 No.1/286-101Free access
Practice what you preach: the failure of the welfare state and the discovery of total equality through capitalismJeffrey OverallVol.13 No.1/269-85Free access
How toxic is public debt?Juhana Hukkinen; Matti VirenVol.13 No.1/253-68Free access
Leading by example: Canada and its Arctic stewardship roleDanita Catherine BurkeVol.13 No.1/236-52Free access
Emulating models of good governance: learning from the developments of the world's least corrupt countriesAri-Veikko AnttiroikoVol.13 No.1/221-35Free access
The gender gap in policy orientation: how relevant is locality?Nicholas O. AlozieVol.13 No.1/21-20Free access