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International Journal of Portfolio Analysis and Management (IJPAM)

International Journal of Portfolio Analysis and Management

Title Author(s) Vol. and Issue nos. Page nos. Full-text article
Implied liquidity: towards stochastic liquidity modelling and liquidity tradingJosé Manuel Corcuera; Florence Guillaume; Dilip B. Madan; Wim SchoutensVol.1 No.180-91Free access
Detection of crashes and rebounds in major equity marketsWanfeng Yan; Reda Rebib; Ryan Woodard; Didier SornetteVol.1 No.159-79Free access
Asset allocation: can technical analysis add value?Guofu Zhou; Yingzi Zhu; Sheng QiangVol.1 No.143-58Free access
The two-block covariance matrix and the CAPMDavid Disatnik; Simon BenningaVol.1 No.132-42Free access
How good are the investment options provided by defined contribution plan sponsors?Keith C. Brown; W. Van HarlowVol.1 No.13-31Free access