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International Journal of Network Science (IJNS)

International Journal of Network Science

Title Author(s) Vol. and Issue nos. Page nos. Full-text article
On the calculation of inter-domains point to multipoint paths in MPLS networksMohamad ChaitouVol.1 No.180-100Free access
Enhanced dynamic source routing protocol for detection and prevention of sinkhole attack in mobile ad hoc networksImmanuel John Raja Jebadurai; Elijah Blessing Rajsingh; Getzi Jeba Leelipushpam PaulrajVol.1 No.163-79Free access
The analysis of split graphs in social networks based on the k-cardinality assignment problemIvan BelikVol.1 No.153-62Free access
Cyber security testing and intrusion detection for synchrophasor systemsThomas Morris; Shengyi Pan; Uttam Adhikari; Nicolas Younan; Roger King; Vahid MadaniVol.1 No.128-52Free access
Correlation coefficient analysis: centrality vs. maximal clique size for complex real-world network graphsNatarajan MeghanathanVol.1 No.13-27Free access