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International Journal of Materials and Structural Integrity (IJMSI)

International Journal of Materials and Structural Integrity

Title Author(s) Vol. and Issue nos. Page nos. Full-text article
Changing the physical, chemical properties of alkaline soil stabilised with industrial waste material tile dustJasbir Saini; Dharmender Kumar Soni; A.K. MandalVol.14 No.165-84Free access
Mechanics of contact interaction and deformation of main pipelines in the conditions of extreme external actionsNikolay Makhutov; Mikhail Gadenin; Alexander Cherniavsky; Oleg Cherniavsky; Vladimir NadeinVol.14 No.154-64Free access
Compressive strength enhancement of concrete using fly ash as a partial replacement of fine aggregate and model developmentH.M.A. Mahzuz; Md. Jahid HasanVol.14 No.144-53Free access
Effects of two-step heat treatment on the structure of cotton-derived activated carbon fibresTsuyoshi Yoda; Keita Shibuya; Kazuma Miura; Hideki MyoubudaniVol.14 No.133-43Free access
A new simple formulation for instantaneous coil diameter of a SMA helical springR. Santhanam; Srinivasan M. Sivakumar; Y. KrishnaVol.14 No.122-32Free access
Flexural fatigue analysis of fibre reinforced polymer concrete composites under non-reversed loadingR. Bedi; S.P. SinghVol.14 No.11-21Free access