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International Journal of Materials and Structural Integrity (IJMSI)

International Journal of Materials and Structural Integrity

Title Author(s) Vol. and Issue nos. Page nos. Full-text article
Nonlinear finite element analysis of steel lined reinforced concrete penstock laid on downstream surface of damWen-liang Ma; Xiao-fen LiVol.12 No.1/2/3261-275Free access
Optimisation design and structure analysis of large-scale prestressed rectangular aqueductWen-Liang Ma; Xin-Li BaiVol.12 No.1/2/3245-260Free access
AHP coupled multi-criteria decision making approach for selection of carbon nanotube applied in mechanical engineering under grey-environmentSyed Abou Iltaf Hussain; Syeda Shamim Shabnam; Uttam Kumar Mandal; Sankar Prasad MondalVol.12 No.1/2/3224-244Free access
Research on the cable routing optimisation by hybrid intelligent water drop algorithmChunquan Li; Ming Zhang; Yuling Shang; Yuwei HuVol.12 No.1/2/3208-223Free access
Impact of Mg doping contents on the n-type and p-type ZnO by first-principles calculationsYanfang Zhao; Wei Ding; Hongchang Wang; Qiao DaiVol.12 No.1/2/3194-207Free access
A new method of forced vibration problem of deep beams under distributed harmonic loadYingjie Chen; Yingwei Song; Jianxun Yang; Teng TengVol.12 No.1/2/3179-193Free access
Microscopic characteristics of the methane occurrence state in coalZhian Huang; Zhenzhen Ma; Rui Yang; Yukun Gao; Yinghua Zhang; Xuejiao GongVol.12 No.1/2/3151-178Free access
Means of protecting materials from spontaneous coal combustion: current developments, mechanisms, classifications, and prospectsZhian Huang; Shanlin Xiao; Wei Lu; Yukun Gao; Yinghua Zhang; Hui WangVol.12 No.1/2/3125-150Free access
Research on deburring technology for cross hole on automobile brake master cylinderHaiyan Hu; Chunlin Tian; Jiandong YangVol.12 No.1/2/3110-124Free access
Effect of gap on vertical deformation and deterioration stress of CRTS-I ballastless trackCuiying Yu; Jun Xiang; Yang Zhou; Jianhong Mao; Kai GongVol.12 No.1/2/376-109Free access
Effect of aluminising on the low cycle fatigue life of a directionally solidified nickel-base alloy used for manufacturing turbine bladeBenudhar Sahoo; S.K. Panigrahi; Shri R.K. SatpathyVol.12 No.1/2/358-75Free access
Experimental study on hardness property improved by PWHT of AA-7075-T6 welded by FSW processMohamed Khatir; Mustapha Temmar; Hadji MohamedVol.12 No.1/2/344-57Free access
Physiochemical characterisation of Malaysian white aggregate for use in sustainable concrete structureM.Z.H. Khan; M. Zahid Hossain Khan; Md. Rafiul Hasan; Md. Arifur Rahman; Md. Abu Naser ShatezVol.12 No.1/2/336-43Free access
Neural prediction of concrete compressive strengthSaha DaujiVol.12 No.1/2/317-35Free access
Operation optimisation of urban rail transit train base on energy savingFuyun Liu; Jianwei Wu; Zhicong Zhang; Hao Lu; Kuan LiVol.12 No.1/2/31-16Free access