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International Journal of Modelling in Operations Management (IJMOM)

International Journal of Modelling in Operations Management

Title Author(s) Vol. and Issue nos. Page nos. Full-text article
Beliefs towards sales promotion technique: the perspective of Malaysia emerging marketTeck Weng Jee; Ernest Cyril De Run; May Chiun LoVol.6 No.1/2112-139Free access
Total quality management barriers: Malaysia's SME perspectiveWynnona Ching Woon Wee; Theerthana L. Baskaran; Kean Keng Woon; Pei Yee Chow; Alicia Marie Jude MangalamVol.6 No.1/288-111Free access
Performance analysis of inventory models, distribution and transportation networks in forward supply chain: a theoretical approachPalvisha Ishtiaq; Syed Mehmood Hassan; Sharfuddin Ahmed KhanVol.6 No.1/259-87Free access
Smart cards in public transportation: spatial platforms, diffusion and externality creationTuomo Kinnunen; Pekka Kess; Jukka MajavaVol.6 No.1/247-58Free access
Regression modelling analysis of the relationship between service quality and customer satisfaction: a case of tourist agricultural farmRozaini Muhammad Rozkee; Norehan Jaafar; Hayati Abdul JalalVol.6 No.1/233-46Free access
Production planning optimisation and challenges in steel production: SSAB process reviewVille Isoherranen; Pekka KessVol.6 No.1/219-32Free access
The contribution of knowledge management process capability on supply chain performance: a general review in MalaysiaPik Yin FooVol.6 No.1/23-18Free access