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International Journal of Multimedia Intelligence and Security (IJMIS)

International Journal of Multimedia Intelligence and Security

Title Author(s) Vol. and Issue nos. Page nos. Full-text article
Vocabulary hierarchy optimisation based on spatial context and category informationZhiguo Yang; Yuxin Peng; Jianguo XiaoVol.3 No.193-107Free access
Efficient password-authenticated key agreement protocol for smart cards based on ECCSheetal Kalra; Sandeep SoodVol.3 No.180-92Free access
A semi-fragile lossless digital watermarking based on adaptive threshold for image authenticationZhenyong Chen; Fangjie Fu; Zhuo Wang; Wei Fan; Zhang XiongVol.3 No.163-79Free access
Camera detection through internet of video sensorsTao Gao; Guo Li; Ping Wang; Chengshan WangVol.3 No.151-62Free access
Performance analysis of secured video transmission over 3G networks based on H.264/AVCVaralakshmi Kumar; Gnanou Florence Sudha; Ilamparuthi ParuthiVol.3 No.123-50Free access
Line covering method and its applications in steganography and steganalysisJiajun Mao; Zhenyong Chen; Wei Fan; Zhang XiongVol.3 No.11-22Free access