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International Journal of Monetary Economics and Finance (IJMEF)

International Journal of Monetary Economics and Finance

Title Author(s) Vol. and Issue nos. Page nos. Full-text article
FDPM after the global price crisis in the coal industryNi Nyoman SawitriVol.12 No.159-74Free access
Dynamic analysis of implied risk neutral densityAbderrahmen Aloulou; Younes BoujelbeneVol.12 No.139-58Free access
The effect of sustainability assurance demand on information asymmetry: evidence from French companiesYosra Mnif Sellami; Nada Damak Ben HlimaVol.12 No.125-38Free access
Macroeconomic determinants of credit risk: a P-VAR approach evidence from EuropeAhlem-Selma Messai; Mohamed Imen GallaliVol.12 No.115-24Free access
US monetary policy surprises transmission to European stock marketsTarek Chebbi; Abdelkader DerbaliVol.12 No.13-14Free access