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International Journal of Management and Decision Making (IJMDM)

International Journal of Management and Decision Making

Title Author(s) Vol. and Issue nos. Page nos. Full-text article
Predictive analytics for efficient decision making in personnel selectionJoonghak Lee; Steven B. Kim; Youngsang Kim; Sungjun KimVol.22 No.1106-122Free access
Decentralised or centralised management of data and products: influence on revenue-generating processesSujit Wings; Janne HarkonenVol.22 No.174-105Free access
Use of multi-criteria methods to support decision-making in drug management for leprosy patientsIgor W.S. Falcão; Daniel da Silva Souza; Diego L. Cardoso; Fernando A.R. Costa; Marcos C. da R. Seruffo; Claudio G. Salgado; Moisés B. da Silva; Josafá G. Barreto; Patricia F. da CostaVol.22 No.153-73Free access
Value-based smart retail measurement modelRiham AdelVol.22 No.127-52Free access
Human-behavioural micro-foundations of dynamic capabilities: a systematic review of the last two decades of researchFatemeh Gheitarani; Khaled Nawaser; Haniruzila Hanifah; Ali Vafaei-ZadehVol.22 No.11-26Free access