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International Journal of Mass Customisation (IJMassC)

International Journal of Mass Customisation

Title Author(s) Vol. and Issue nos. Page nos. Full-text article
Enhancement of industry initiative through the Zero-energy Mass Custom Home Mission to Japan experience towards commercialisationMasa NoguchiVol.4 No.1/2106-121Free access
The influence of relational orientation on Chinese consumers' responses towards apparel mass customisationShawn Kun Song; Ann Marie FioreVol.4 No.1/281-105Free access
The delicate balance: mass customisation for large-scale organisational changeWilliam Seidman; Michael McCauleyVol.4 No.1/267-80Free access
The impact of mass customisation practices on performances: an exploratory study of Chinese manufacturersMin Zhang; Yinan Qi; Xiande ZhaoVol.4 No.1/244-66Free access
An exploration of ramp-up strategies in the area of mass customisationMichael Slamanig; Herwig WinklerVol.4 No.1/222-43Free access
Product customisation through postponement and CE tools integration in an aerospace companyCássio Dias Gonçalves; Geilson Loureiro; Luís Gonzaga TrabassoVol.4 No.1/21-21Free access