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International Journal of Leisure and Tourism Marketing (IJLTM)

International Journal of Leisure and Tourism Marketing

Title Author(s) Vol. and Issue nos. Page nos. Full-text article
User value for Kumasi zoological garden, GhanaKwasi Larnyoh; Dadson Awunyo-VitorVol.5 No.179-95Free access
Shopping malls and commercial strips: an examination of factors affecting shoppers behaviour in KuwaitMohsen Bagnied; Hanas CaderVol.5 No.166-78Free access
'Value for money' and the restaurant experience: a case study of supply and demand stakeholdersAbel Duarte Alonso; Nikolaos Sakellarios; Chris Jones; Leonard Cseh; Sandra J. CooperVol.5 No.144-65Free access
Niche tourism in Cyprus: conceptualising the importance of social entrepreneurship for the sustainable development of islandsNikolaos Boukas; Pieris ChouridesVol.5 No.126-43Free access
Destination image: scale validation and measurement invariance analysisAnupriya Kaur; Abhilasha Chauhan; Yajulu MeduryVol.5 No.14-25Free access