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International Journal of Logistics Systems and Management (IJLSM)

International Journal of Logistics Systems and Management

Title Author(s) Vol. and Issue nos. Page nos. Full-text article
A note on 'a new approach for solving intuitionistic fuzzy transportation problem of type-2'P. Senthil KumarVol.29 No.1102-129Free access
The mediation role of social capital in relationship between buyer-supplier relationship with green supply chain collaborationAdel Azar; Mohsen Zarakani; Seyed Saeed Mirhosseini; Marjan Hadidi MasoulehVol.29 No.182-101Free access
Nobody wants to buy sour milk: supply chain performance measure mattersW. Wei; J.F. Low; A. SchiffauerovaVol.29 No.162-81Free access
Towards a cloud computing in the service of green logisticsZineb Benotmane; Ghalem Belalem; Abdelkader NekiVol.29 No.137-61Free access
Robust bi-objective cost-effective, multi-period, location-allocation organ transplant supply chainSeyed Mahdi Aghazadeh; Mohammad Mohammadi; Bahman NaderiVol.29 No.117-36Free access
Assessing the logistics activities aspect of economic and social developmentHuseyin Avni Es; Coskun Hamzacebi; Seniye Umit Oktay FiratVol.29 No.11-16Free access