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International Journal of Logistics Systems and Management (IJLSM)

International Journal of Logistics Systems and Management

Title Author(s) Vol. and Issue nos. Page nos. Full-text article
Integrated inventory system with freight costs and two types of quantity discountsIvan Darma Wangsa; Hui Ming WeeVol.35 No.1119-147Free access
Redesigning a transportation network: the case of a pharmaceutical supply chainAfaf Haial; Abdelaziz Berrado; Loubna BenabbouVol.35 No.190-118Free access
Reverse logistics practices in Indian pharmaceutical supply chains: a study of manufacturersHaidar Abbas; Jamal A. FarooquieVol.35 No.172-89Free access
An integrated approach to order picking systems in warehousesJudit Oláh; Zoltán Lakner; József PoppVol.35 No.150-71Free access
IT adaptation in sugar supply chain: a study at milling levelRupesh Kumar; Vishnu NathVol.35 No.128-49Free access
Logistics management requirements and logistics performance efficiency: the role of logistics management practices - evidence from EgyptHend Medhat Amin; Tamer Mohamed ShahwanVol.35 No.11-27Free access