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International Journal of Learning and Intellectual Capital (IJLIC)

International Journal of Learning and Intellectual Capital

Title Author(s) Vol. and Issue nos. Page nos. Full-text article
Preface: Dialogue on knowledge management, intellectual capital disclosure and sustainabilityPatricia Ordóñez de PablosVol.20 No.6583-586Free access
Editorial: Shaping dialogue on digital and green transitionsPatricia Ordóñez de PablosVol.20 No.5467-470Free access
Editorial: Building intellectual capital for the green transition and sustainable developmentPatricia Ordóñez de PablosVol.20 No.4351-354Free access
Editorial: Maximising opportunities in the digital and green economy: the impact of intellectual capital on competitivenessPatricia Ordóñez de PablosVol.20 No.3241-244Free access
Editorial: Intellectual capital and digital transformation: unlocking the potential of knowledge-based resources for the future digital economyPatricia Ordóñez de PablosVol.20 No.2123-126Free access
Editorial: Digital economy, intellectual capital and competitiveness. Some lessons for the post-COVID-19 eraPatricia Ordóñez de PablosVol.20 No.11-5Free access
From a value-based knowledge economy to a worth economy. New reflections and perspectives on intellectual capital researchLeif Edvinsson; Francesca Dal Mas; Patricia Ordóñez De Pablos; Maurizio Massaro; John DumayVol.19 No.183-101Free access
The relationship between emotional quotient and spiritual quotient affecting managerial efficiency of employees in organisationsTilottama Singh; Rajesh Kumar Upadhyay; Amar Kumar Mishra; Harpreet Singh GrewalVol.19 No.172-82Free access
Intellectual capital efficiency and financial performance in the hotel sectorJosé António Fernandes Lopes Oliveira Vale; Vera Cristina Fontes Teixeira Vale; Vânia Sofia Castro LopesVol.19 No.153-71Free access
Intellectual capital efficiency and firm performance: evidence from an emerging knowledge-economySwadip Bhattacharjee; Refa AkterVol.19 No.130-52Free access
Intellectual capital in SMEs: a review and research agendaMaria Chiara Demartini; Valentina BerettaVol.19 No.15-29Free access