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International Journal of Lifecycle Performance Engineering (IJLCPE)

International Journal of Lifecycle Performance Engineering

Title Author(s) Vol. and Issue nos. Page nos. Full-text article
A parametric study of bridge load effect under stochastic vehicular loadHe-Qing Mu; Hou-Zuo Guo; Tian-Yu Zhang; Cheng SuVol.3 No.177-90Free access
Fractal signal processing method of acoustic emission monitoring for seismic damage of concrete columnsYong Huang; Changsong Shao; Xin YanVol.3 No.159-76Free access
Multi-scale finite element model validation method of cable-stayed bridge based on the support vector regressionPei Juan Zheng; Zhou Hong Zong; Qi Qi Liu; Jie Niu; Hai Fei Zhou; Ru Mian ZhongVol.3 No.135-58Free access
An efficient method for Bayesian system identification based on Markov chain Monte Carlo simulationJia-Hua YangVol.3 No.120-34Free access
Operational modal analysis and Bayesian model updating of a standing seam metal roofing systemJun Hu; Paul Heung-Fai Lam; Kwok-Fai ChungVol.3 No.14-19Free access