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International Journal of Innovation and Regional Development (IJIRD)

International Journal of Innovation and Regional Development

Title Author(s) Vol. and Issue nos. Page nos. Full-text article
Service innovation in the complex environment of tax administration: the Indonesian public sector perspectiveAgung Darono; Dessy IrawatiVol.6 No.1102-123Free access
Technology transfer as a driver for location of R&D active firms on science parksAndré SpithovenVol.6 No.180-101Free access
The role of technology transfer offices in growing new entrepreneurial ecosystems around mid-sized universitiesTarek Sadek; Rafael Kleiman; Rafik LoutfyVol.6 No.161-79Free access
The structural and functional analysis of innovation systems: outline of the Polish caseNatalia Irena Gust-BardonVol.6 No.131-60Free access
A system dynamics model of science, technology and innovation policy to sustain regional innovation systems in emerging economiesJosé Carlos Rodríguez; César L. Navarro-ChávezVol.6 No.17-30Free access