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International Journal of Intelligent Internet of Things Computing (IJIITC)

International Journal of Intelligent Internet of Things Computing

Title Author(s) Vol. and Issue nos. Page nos. Full-text article
A distributed data processing platform over meteorological big data using MapReduceTao Huang; Shengjun Xue; Xiang Li; Feng LuoVol.1 No.174-85Free access
An approach to auxiliary code generation for mobile environment: a case study of thrift-based codes conversionBinyang Qiu; Qiming ZouVol.1 No.153-73Free access
An evolutionary service solution for spatio-temporal data analysis in highway domainJie Zhou; Weilong DingVol.1 No.143-52Free access
A process recommendation method using bag-of-fragmentsJiaxing Wang; Sichao Gui; Bin CaoVol.1 No.132-42Free access
Intelligent big data service for meteorological cloud platformJie Zhang; Shengjun Xue; Tao HuangVol.1 No.123-31Free access
Performance evaluation on internet of things protocols to identify a suitable one for millions of tiny internet nodesS.P. Raja; T. Sampradeepraj; N. Narayanan PrasanthVol.1 No.12-22Free access