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International Journal of Intercultural Information Management (IJIIM)

International Journal of Intercultural Information Management

Title Author(s) Vol. and Issue nos. Page nos. Full-text article
Issues in implementation of fixed time fixed price software projects: an Indian caseMohammed Arshad Khan; Santanu RoyVol.4 No.167-86Free access
Modelling the barriers of supply chain performance measurement in the Indian automotive industriesRajesh Katiyar; Mukesh Kumar BaruaVol.4 No.151-66Free access
Analysing the importance rating of CSR challenges in order to improve the supply chain performanceMohit Tyagi; Pradeep Kumar; Dinesh KumarVol.4 No.134-50Free access
Effect of culture on perceptions of IS service qualityAhmad A. Rabaa'i; John G. GammackVol.4 No.115-33Free access
Corporate sustainability performance assessment: an analytical hierarchy process approachPraveen Goyal; Zillur RahmanVol.4 No.11-14Free access