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International Journal of Intelligent Defence Support Systems (IJIDSS)

International Journal of Intelligent Defence Support Systems

Title Author(s) Vol. and Issue nos. Page nos. Full-text article
Towards autonomous robot swarms for multi-target localisation and monitoring with applications to counter IED operationsRobert J. Mullen, Sarah Barman, Paolo Remagnino, Dorothy MonekossoVol.4 No.187-107Free access
A multiple robot solution for urban reconnaissanceBalazs Janko, Chris P. Turner, Kim S. Cave-Ayland, Martyn K. Pittuck, Sebastian O.H. Madgwick, William S. HarwinVol.4 No.170-86Free access
Towards unmanned systems for dismounted operations in the Canadian ForcesBlake Beckman, Jack Collier, David Mackay, Simon Monckton, Michael Trentini, Franklin Wong, Pierre Richard BilodeauVol.4 No.150-69Free access
Cooperation in distributed surveillance systems for dense regionsAbderrezak Benaskeur, Alaa Khamis, Hengameh IrandoustVol.4 No.120-49Free access
An agent to optimally re-distribute control in an underactuated AUVMae L. SetoVol.4 No.13-19Free access