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International Journal of Information and Computer Security (IJICS)

International Journal of Information and Computer Security

Title Author(s) Vol. and Issue nos. Page nos. Full-text article
User anonymity-based secure authentication protocol for telemedical server systemsSunil Gupta; Pradeep Kumar Arya; Hitesh Kumar SharmaVol.20 No.1/2199-219Free access
Lightweight authentication scheme based on modified EAP security for CoAP protocol-based IoMT applicationsPritam S. Salankar; Vinay Avasthi; Ashutosh PasrichaVol.20 No.1/2176-198Free access
Data hiding in the optimal keyframes using circular shifting and mutation operations for improvement in imperceptibilitySahil Gupta; Naresh Kumar GargVol.20 No.1/2158-175Free access
Malware detection approach based on deep convolutional neural networksHoda El Merabet; Abderrahmane HajraouiVol.20 No.1/2145-157Free access
Collaborative filtering-based recommendations against shilling attacks with particle swarm optimiser and entropy-based mean clusteringAnjani Kumar Verma; Veer Sain DixitVol.20 No.1/2133-144Free access
Data privacy with heuristic anonymisationSevgi Arca; Rattikorn HewettVol.20 No.1/2104-132Free access
A novel traceback model for DDoS attacks using modified Floyd-Warshall algorithmSherif F. Emara; Sayed Abdelhady; M. ZakiVol.20 No.1/284-103Free access
Attack resistant chaos-based cryptosystem by modified baker map and logistic mapDebanjan Chatterjee; Barnali Gupta Banik; Abhinandan BanikVol.20 No.1/248-83Free access
Emerging DNA cryptography-based encryption schemes: a reviewPratyusa Mukherjee; Chittaranjan Pradhan; Rabindra Kumar Barik; Harishchandra DubeyVol.20 No.1/227-47Free access
Searching the space of tower field implementations of the 𝔽28 inverter - with applications to AES, Camellia and SM4Zihao Wei; Siwei Sun; Lei Hu; Man Wei; René PeraltaVol.20 No.1/21-26Free access