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International Journal of Humanitarian Technology (IJHT)

International Journal of Humanitarian Technology

Title Author(s) Vol. and Issue nos. Page nos. Full-text article
Augmenting WAMPAC with machine learning tools for early warning and mitigation of blackout eventsSudha Gupta; Faruk Kazi; Sushama Wagh; Navdeep SinghVol.1 No.183-100Free access
Evaluating the feasibility of maintaining Web 2.0 communications during civil emergenciesJames Meneghello; Kevin LeeVol.1 No.166-82Free access
Design of near optimal user interface with minimal UI elements using evidence based recommendations and multi criteria decision making: TOPSIS methodSubbiah Vairamuthu; S. Margret AnounciaVol.1 No.140-65Free access
Cancer tissue sample classification using point symmetry-based clustering algorithmSudipta Acharya; Sriparna SahaVol.1 No.119-39Free access
Usable technology for the differently abled-hearing impairmentChitralekha Bhat; Sunil Kumar KopparapuVol.1 No.13-18Free access