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International Journal of Human Rights and Constitutional Studies (IJHRCS)

International Journal of Human Rights and Constitutional Studies

Title Author(s) Vol. and Issue nos. Page nos. Full-text article
The denial of right to freedom of association and collective bargaining: breach of labour rights causing the consequential violation of human rightsMohammad Ali Hasan; Mohammad Inzamul HaqueVol.8 No.1/2146-158Free access
Breaking the silence: challenging legal limits to pursue human rights violationsLukas HrabovskyVol.8 No.1/2129-145Free access
Procedures for the review of constitutionality of constitutional amendments in the Spanish legal systemMaría Del Camino Vidal FueyoVol.8 No.1/2112-128Free access
Judicial review of constitutional amendments: a legitimate defence of democracy through a counter-majoritarian power?Abel Arias-CastañoVol.8 No.1/297-111Free access
When backlashes and overrides do not scare: the power to review constitutional amendments and the case of Brazil's Supreme CourtNicola Tommasini; Pedro Arcain Riccetto; Yaniv RoznaiVol.8 No.1/280-96Free access
Amending by interpreting: the constitutional jurisdiction as amendment powerIgnacio Villaverde MenéndezVol.8 No.1/265-79Free access
Constitutional reform: reflections from the principle of equality between men and women in the framework of the 1978 Spanish ConstitutionMaría L. Valvidares SuárezVol.8 No.1/249-64Free access
The process of reform of the Spanish Constitution and parliamentary minoritiesPaloma Requejo-RodriguezVol.8 No.1/233-48Free access
Direct citizen participation in the constitutional reformPatricia García MajadoVol.8 No.1/217-32Free access
We the people: federalism and constitutional reformFrancisco Caamaño DomínguezVol.8 No.1/24-16Free access