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International Journal of Human Rights and Constitutional Studies (IJHRCS)

International Journal of Human Rights and Constitutional Studies

Title Author(s) Vol. and Issue nos. Page nos. Full-text article
The concept of sovereignty in Ghanaian constitutionalismRaymond A. AtugubaVol.7 No.152-82Free access
GDPR: a critical review of the practical, ethical and constitutional aspects one year after it entered into forceTalita-Maria Tsekoura; Fereniki PanagopoulouVol.7 No.135-51Free access
Contemporary development and Gandhian perspective: an analysis of state of humanism in presentPreeti SharmaVol.7 No.124-34Free access
The rational nature of possession liability rule in non-authoritative possessor responsibility from point of view Islamic lawAli Taghipourian; Javad Niknejad; Mehdi EsmaeiliVol.7 No.115-23Free access
The practice, adherence and contravention of human rights of public sectors governance in Amhara National Regional States, EthiopiaGifayehu Wondie Gizachew; Jemberie Molla Abeyou; Yitbarek Yideg BamlakVol.7 No.11-14Free access