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International Journal of Human Rights and Constitutional Studies (IJHRCS)

International Journal of Human Rights and Constitutional Studies

Title Author(s) Vol. and Issue nos. Page nos. Full-text article
The changes of Constitution of People's Republic of China of 1982 as a tool to implement the leaders' political agendaEtleva PaplekajVol.9 No.196-110Free access
Overview of resolution of international conflictsBrij Bihari PrasadVol.9 No.186-95Free access
From catastrophic migration to life-long displacement and repatriation: an overview of existing Afghan refugees in PakistanSana AliVol.9 No.167-85Free access
Reviewing the chain remand practices and freedom of rights in MalaysiaIfa Sirrhu Samsudin; Ramalinggam Rajamanickam; Rohaida NordinVol.9 No.151-66Free access
Poverty alleviation and plight of migrant workers: socio-legal issues in the pandemic phaseZubair Ahmed KhanVol.9 No.139-50Free access
Mishandling the issue of gender dysphoria in India - an analysis of the transgender persons (Protection of Rights) Act, 2019Manini Syali; Vinayak JhambVol.9 No.131-38Free access
Freedom of artistic expression in the ambit of Article 19, with special reference to communal disharmonyLetishiya Chaturvedi; Poorna DixitVol.9 No.118-30Free access
The right for freedom uniting in political parties: experience of Ukraine and the Federal Republic of GermanyOlha I. Kosilova; Mykhailo H. Kravchenko; Ivan P. FedirkoVol.9 No.11-17Free access