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International Journal of Hybrid Intelligence (IJHI)

International Journal of Hybrid Intelligence

Title Author(s) Vol. and Issue nos. Page nos. Full-text article
Energy efficient service differentiated QoS aware routing in cluster-based wireless sensor networkJayashree Agarkhed; Yogita Dattatraya PatilVol.1 No.179-95Free access
Performance improvement of vehicular ad-hoc network with nature inspired biological computing algorithmKomal Mehta; Preeti Bajaj; L.G. MalikVol.1 No.155-78Free access
Wireless sensor networks for extreme environments: remote sensing and space industryMohammed E. El-Telbany; Maha A. MagedVol.1 No.141-54Free access
A differential evolution-based routing algorithm for multi-path environment in mobile ad hoc networkAnju Sharma; Madhavi SinhaVol.1 No.123-40Free access
A new energy-preserving cloud offloading algorithm for smart mobile devicesSamar A. Said; Sameh A. Salem; Samir G. SayedVol.1 No.15-22Free access