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International Journal of Human Factors Modelling and Simulation (IJHFMS)

International Journal of Human Factors Modelling and Simulation

Title Author(s) Vol. and Issue nos. Page nos. Full-text article
Estimation of body surface area coverage by garment items: different approaches using mesh base modellingGunther Paul; Leyde BricenoVol.7 No.3/4329-341Free access
Design and development of a game-engine-based simulator specialised on ships evacuationGeorge Kougioumtzoglou; Anastasios Theodoropoulos; Georgios LepourasVol.7 No.3/4301-328Free access
Biomechanical investigation of a passive upper-extremity exoskeleton for manual material handling - a computational parameter study and modelling approachBo Eitel Seiferheld; Jeppe Frost; Mathias Krog; Sebastian Skals; Michael Skipper AndersenVol.7 No.3/4275-300Free access
Study on multivariate analysis of anthropometric measures for upper body exoskeletons using archetypal analysisJulia Riemer; Sascha WischniewskiVol.7 No.3/4262-274Free access
Auditory movement feedforward for a lower-limb exoskeleton device (AIDER) to increase transparencyJing Qiu; Yilin Wang; Hong Cheng; Lu Wang; Xiao YangVol.7 No.3/4247-261Free access
DHM supported assessment of the effects of using an exoskeleton during workFrancisco Garcia Rivera; Dan Högberg; Maurice Lamb; Estela Perez LuqueVol.7 No.3/4231-246Free access
A comparison of different methods for modelling the physical human-exoskeleton interfaceDivyaksh Subhash Chander; Max Böhme; Michael Skipper Andersen; John Rasmussen; Johannes Zentner; Maria Pia CavatortaVol.7 No.3/4204-230Free access
Towards standard test artefacts for synchronous tracking of human-exoskeleton knee kinematicsRoger Bostelman; Ann Virts; Soocheol Yoon; Mili Shah; Ya-Shian Li-BaboudVol.7 No.3/4171-203Free access