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International Journal of Governance and Financial Intermediation (IJGFI)

International Journal of Governance and Financial Intermediation

Title Author(s) Vol. and Issue nos. Page nos. Full-text article
A study of relevance of Black-Scholes model on option prices of Indian stock marketAnubha Srivastava; Manjula ShastriVol.1 No.182-104Free access
Identifying credit constraints using direct elicitation methodology: the case of IndonesiaSigit S. WibowoVol.1 No.159-81Free access
Is there a relation between capital and ownership on bank performance? The German and Italian casesBelinda Laura Del Gaudio; Claudio PorzioVol.1 No.137-58Free access
Does ownership structure affect dividend policy? A panel data analysis for the French marketWissem Daadaa; Fathi JouiniVol.1 No.118-36Free access
Ownership concentration, institutional ownership, and IPO underpricing: evidence from Indonesia Stock ExchangeMamduh M. Hanafi; Agus SetiawanVol.1 No.13-17Free access