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International Journal of Forensic Software Engineering (IJFSE)

International Journal of Forensic Software Engineering

Title Author(s) Vol. and Issue nos. Page nos. Full-text article
Providing location privacy for online services in vehicular ad hoc networksHesiri Weerasinghe; Huirong FuVol.1 No.191-114Free access
Optimal distribution feeder reconfiguration with optimal planning of distributed generation for loss reduction and voltage improvement using differential evolution algorithmAhmad B. Ghaweta; Yuan LiaoVol.1 No.173-90Free access
Prioritising test cases by collaborating artefacts of software development life cycleMd Saeed Siddik; Md Abdur Rahman; Kazi SakibVol.1 No.147-72Free access
State estimation-based target tracking and applications of multi sensor data fusionDavid Kondru; Mehmet Celenk; Xiaoping A. ShenVol.1 No.132-46Free access
Performing opinion mining and analytical study for cashless transactionsSonakshi Vij; Amita Jain; Devendra TayalVol.1 No.121-31Free access
A hybrid approach to find cloned objects in copy move forged imagesAshish Kumar Chakraverti; Vijay DhirVol.1 No.13-20Free access