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International Journal of Financial Markets and Derivatives (IJFMD)

International Journal of Financial Markets and Derivatives

Title Author(s) Vol. and Issue nos. Page nos. Full-text article
Performance measures and investment decisions: evidence from international stock marketsLaurel Pasricha; Neelam DhandaVol.8 No.3290-313Free access
Analysing time varying co-movements among the US and BRICS stock marketsP. Lakshmi; S. Visalakshmi; Jeevananthan ManickavasagamVol.8 No.3275-289Free access
The price of microstructure risk on emerging stock markets: towards an integration of African financial marketsPrince Hikouatcha; Hans Patrick Menik Bidias; David KamdemVol.8 No.3244-274Free access
A directional movement trading strategy using jump-diffusion price dynamicsSatrajit Mandal; Sujoy BhattacharyaVol.8 No.3223-243Free access
Does behavioural risk explain the value premium? A study of Indian equity marketSaji George; P. Srinivasa SureshVol.8 No.3205-222Free access