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International Journal of Financial Markets and Derivatives (IJFMD)

International Journal of Financial Markets and Derivatives

Title Author(s) Vol. and Issue nos. Page nos. Full-text article
Predictable risks and returns: further evidence from the UK stock marketCatherine Georgiou; Chris Grose; Fragiskos ArchontakisVol.7 No.168-100Free access
Concentration measures in emerging bankingMohamed Bilel Triki; Samir MaktoufVol.7 No.154-67Free access
Options pricing models of interest rate index: a comparative of pricing methodologies applied to the Brazilian marketJoão Luiz Chela; Rodolfo RosinaVol.7 No.140-53Free access
Post global financial crisis modelling: credit risk for firms that are too big to failEphraim Clark; Sovan Mitra; Octave JokungVol.7 No.115-39Free access
Volatility estimation for cryptocurrencies using Markov-switching GARCH modelsPaulo Vitor Jordão Da Gama Silva; Marcelo Cabus Klotzle; Antonio Carlos Figueiredo Pinto; Leonardo Lima GomesVol.7 No.11-14Free access