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International Journal of Forensic Engineering and Management (IJFEM)

International Journal of Forensic Engineering and Management

Title Author(s) Vol. and Issue nos. Page nos. Full-text article
Analysis of the critical factors for integration of sustainability with lean practices for Indian manufacturing enterprisesSonal Khurana; Bisma Mannan; Abid HaleemVol.1 No.1116-123Free access
A cognitive load assessment study of three-dimensional interactive virtual reality interfacesAkriti Kaur; Mudit Agrawal; Pradeep G. YammiyavarVol.1 No.1103-115Free access
Postural evaluation of notching action in WAG7 railway goods-locos (indicates correction necessities)Subir Danda; Soumya Sarkar; Bikash Bepari; Kalyanbrata Saha; Balendra Nath LahiriVol.1 No.190-102Free access
Design and CFD analysis of baffles of fuel tanker trucks for normal and grade highway conditionsNafees Ahmad; Mehul Varshney; Mohammad Haani FarooqiVol.1 No.176-89Free access
Comparative analysis of health-related physical fitness levels among the young male workers performing sedentary and heavy occupational physical activityPrachi Patel; Rauf IqbalVol.1 No.162-75Free access
Effect of friction stir processing on human healthNidhi Sharma; Mohd Atif Wahid; Pankul Goel; Kul Vaibhav SharmaVol.1 No.153-61Free access
Friction stir welding process effects on human health and mechanical propertiesMohd Atif Wahid; Nidhi Sharma; Rohit ShandleyVol.1 No.142-52Free access
An anthropometric study of young Indian men for bottom wear sizingManoj Tiwari; Noopur AnandVol.1 No.124-41Free access
Postural stress analysis with MSD symptoms of welders and solution for workstation designDas Suman; Banerjee Debamalya; Mukherjee Shankarashis; Chakrabarty SabarniVol.1 No.14-23Free access