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International Journal of Environment and Pollution (IJEP)

International Journal of Environment and Pollution

Title Author(s) Vol. and Issue nos. Page nos. Full-text article
A review of the current situation of municipal solid waste management in India and its potential for anaerobic digestionRikitha S. Fernandes; Nitinkumar S. Shetty; B.H.S. ThimmappaVol.69 No.1/2130-150Free access
Decarbonisation drivers and climate change concerns of developed economiesYu-Xia Tu; Oleksandra Kubatko; Oleksandra Karintseva; Vladyslav PivenVol.69 No.1/2112-129Free access
Vulnerability of sub-Saharan Africa and Southeast Asian countries due to the carbon dioxide emissions: an assessment based on the STIRPAT modelJean Baptiste Aboyitungiye; SuryantoVol.69 No.1/299-111Free access
Investment attractiveness of the country: social, ecological, economic dimensionBogdan Moskalenko; Oleksii Lyulyov; Tetyana Pimonenko; Aleksy Kwilinski; Henryk DzwigolVol.69 No.1/280-98Free access
The dynamic relationship between combined pollution, consumption and production of renewable electricity and sustainable development in IranZahra FotourehchiVol.69 No.1/263-79Free access
Environmental sustainability (ES): a case study of Noamundi area in Jharkhand, IndiaSurajit Panda; Manish Kumar Jain; Krishnendu Banerjee; A.T. JeyaseelanVol.69 No.1/235-62Free access
Spatial and seasonal variation of CO2 concentration within some selected areas of Owerri: NigeriaChukwuma Moses AnoruoVol.69 No.1/222-34Free access
Energy poverty and energy efficiency in emerging economiesRui Li; Ying Xin; Iryna Sotnyk; Oleksandr Kubatko; Ismail Almashaqbeh; Svitlana Fedyna; Olha ProkopenkoVol.69 No.1/21-21Free access