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International Journal of Environment and Pollution (IJEP)

International Journal of Environment and Pollution

Title Author(s) Vol. and Issue nos. Page nos. Full-text article
Advanced algorithms for studying the impact of climate changes on ozone levels in the atmosphereZahari Zlatev; Ivan Dimov; István Faragó; Krassimir Georgiev; Ágnes HavasiVol.66 No.1/2/3212-238Free access
Assessment of fluoride hazard in groundwater of Palghat District, Kerala: a GIS approachThangavelu Arumugam; Sapna Kunhikannan; Prabitha RadhakrishnanVol.66 No.1/2/3187-211Free access
Applying WRF-CMAQ models for assessment of sulphur and nitrogen deposition in Bulgaria for the years 2016 and 2017Dimiter Syrakov; Maria Prodanova; Emilia Georgieva; Elena HristovaVol.66 No.1/2/3162-186Free access
Global climate driven effects on urban air pollution simulations using very high spatial resolutionRoberto San José; Juan Luis Pérez; Libia Pérez; Rosa Maria Gonzalez BarrasVol.66 No.1/2/3143-161Free access
An approach for selection of solid waste disposal sites by rapid impact assessment matrix and environmental performance index analysisNekram RawalVol.66 No.1/2/3127-142Free access
The method of general heat treatment of waste water from metal manufacture based on photocatalysisNing QiuVol.66 No.1/2/3117-126Free access
Analysis of regional climate model simulations for Central Europe as a potential tool to assess weather-related air quality conditionsIldikó Pieczka; Rita Pongrácz; Csilla Péliné Németh; Tímea KalmárVol.66 No.1/2/398-116Free access
Identification of dust transport patterns and sources by using MODIS: a technique developed to discriminate dust and cloudsZaib Un Nisa; Salman Atif; Muhammad Fahim KhokharVol.66 No.1/2/380-97Free access
On convergence of difference schemes for Dirichlet IBVP for two-dimensional quasilinear parabolic equationsPiotr Matus; Dmitriy Poliakov; Dorota PylakVol.66 No.1/2/363-79Free access
Assaying SARIMA and generalised regularised regression for particulate matter PM10 modelling and forecastingSnezhana Gocheva-Ilieva; Atanas IvanovVol.66 No.1/2/341-62Free access
Current trends in nanotechnology for bioremediationStephen Rathinaraj Benjamin; Fabio De Lima; Eridan Orlando Pereira Tramontina Florean; Maria Izabel Florindo GuedesVol.66 No.1/2/319-40Free access
Urban areas parameterisation for CFD simulation and cities air quality analysisMaria Grazia Badas; Luca Salvadori; Michela Garau; Giorgio Querzoli; Simone FerrariVol.66 No.1/2/35-18Free access