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International Journal of Environment and Health (IJEnvH)

International Journal of Environment and Health

Title Author(s) Vol. and Issue nos. Page nos. Full-text article
Pollution in the Uruguay - Argentina border: critical data analysis from two rivers and the pulp mill effluentElías Jorge MattaVol.9 No.184-109Free access
Atmospheric gas-particle partitioning of E-EHMC and Z-EHMC estimated from their liquid vapour pressures at 298.15 KCésar Nicolás Pegoraro; Hernán A. Montejano; Malisa S. ChiapperoVol.9 No.166-83Free access
Safe disposal of solid wastes generated during arsenic removal in drinking waterElizabeth Graciela De Seta; Fernando Damián Reina; Fernando Isaac Mugrabi; Luis Eugenio Lan; Juan Pablo Guerra; Aitor Porcel Laburu; Esteban José Domingo; Jorge Martín MeichtryVol.9 No.150-65Free access
Study of physicochemical changes of polluted sediments from Reconquista river basin (Argentina) after remediation processesM.S. Olivelli; M.J. Simpson; N.F. Porzionato; M.A. Fernández; R.M. Torres Sánchez; G. CurutchetVol.9 No.136-49Free access
Applying reactive transport modelling in a chromium-contaminated site in the Matanza-Riachuelo basin, Buenos Aires, ArgentinaElina Ceballos; Sergio A. Bea; Romina SanciVol.9 No.116-35Free access
Use of speciation modelling of heavy metals in Los Patos lagoon, Argentina, to improve waterbody managementErica Y. Sanchez; Lucila Elordi; Soledad Represa; Leonardo Cano; Esteban Colman Lerner; Santiago Elisio; Dario Andrinolo; Andres PortaVol.9 No.13-15Free access