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International Journal of Emergency Management (IJEM)

International Journal of Emergency Management

Title Author(s) Vol. and Issue nos. Page nos. Full-text article
Medical incident commander leadership during a full-scale exercise in an underground mining environment: a qualitative single-case studyLina Gyllencreutz; Sophia Mårtensson; Britt-Inger SavemanVol.17 No.190-103Free access
Mapping the new elements of local government disaster management capability: a systematic analysis of research trends 2003-2018Karina Budiman; Bevaola KusumasariVol.17 No.165-89Free access
Inter-organisational communication and situational awareness in an emergency operation centre during major incidentsTeija Sederholm; Simo Ekman; Heikki Paakkonen; Aki-Mauri HuhtinenVol.17 No.147-64Free access
Strengthening community resilience through network buildingMarvin Starominski-UeharaVol.17 No.130-46Free access
Landslide risk, resilience and resistance: confronting community resilience with economic benefits in landslide-prone areas in KeralaS. Mohammed IrshadVol.17 No.117-29Free access
Management of infectious animal diseases: the Korean experienceKyoo-Man HaVol.17 No.11-16Free access