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International Journal of Decision Support Systems (IJDSS)

International Journal of Decision Support Systems

Title Author(s) Vol. and Issue nos. Page nos. Full-text article
Service quality assessment in retail industry: some evidence from supermarkets in GreeceAthanasia Karakitsiou; Athanasia MavrommatiVol.3 No.1/2128-142Free access
A tradeoff analysis between socio-economic efficiency and environmental performance of irrigated agriculturePanagiotis Mitropoulos; Konstantinos Vasileiou; Ioannis MitropoulosVol.3 No.1/2106-127Free access
An intelligent decision support system for managing natural and man-made disastersGeorgia Aifadopoulou; Emmanouil Chaniotakis; Iraklis Stamos; Sokratis Mamarikas; Evangelos MitsakisVol.3 No.1/291-105Free access
A multi-criteria-based ranking of Greek construction companies listed in Athens Stock Exchange using investment ratiosPantelis Vogiatzis; Georgios N. Aretoulis; Jason PapathanasiouVol.3 No.1/271-90Free access
Decision support systems and strategic planning: information technology and SMEs' performanceFotis Kitsios; Maria KamariotouVol.3 No.1/253-70Free access
Development of a decision support tool for analysing the avian conservation measures in semi-arid regionMugdha Singh; Sunil Pratap Singh; A.K. Sinha; Preetvanti SinghVol.3 No.1/219-52Free access
An agent-based model to explore urban policies, pedestrian behaviour and walkabilityGeorgios Tsaples; Giovanna FancelloVol.3 No.1/24-18Free access