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International Journal of Design Engineering (IJDE)

International Journal of Design Engineering

Title Author(s) Vol. and Issue nos. Page nos. Full-text article
The design of a novel approach for the assessment of thermal insulation in buildings using infrared thermography and artificial intelligenceArijit Sen; Amin Al-HabaibehVol.9 No.165-77Free access
Design a single overlap support plate for bonded and weld-bonded T-peel jointsWadea Ameen; A.M. Alsamhan; S.M. DarwishVol.9 No.151-64Free access
Mathematical Modelling of Pressure Distribution along the Die of a Biomass Briquetting MachineJoseph Ifeolu Orisaleye; Sunday Joshua OjoloVol.9 No.136-50Free access
Investigation on glass-epoxy composite drive shaft for light motor vehicleRajaram M. Shinde; Suresh M. SawantVol.9 No.122-35Free access
An intelligent computer-based framework for integrating emotions and aerodynamics in sportsbike designPhilip Farrugia; James Mamo; Tonio SantVol.9 No.11-21Free access