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International Journal of Cognitive Performance Support (IJCPS)

International Journal of Cognitive Performance Support

Title Author(s) Vol. and Issue nos. Page nos. Full-text article
Pauses in man-machine interactions: a clue to users' skill levels and their user interface requirementsArbi Ghazarian; Arin GhazarianVol.1 No.182-102Free access
Using EEG and NIRS for brain-computer interface and cognitive performance measures: a pilot studyCota Navin Gupta; Ramaswamy PalaniappanVol.1 No.169-81Free access
Creating a sense of place with a deliberately constrained virtual environmentPhil Turner; Susan Turner; Luke BurrowsVol.1 No.154-68Free access
The use of domestic appliances by cognitively impaired usersAdam Glasgow; Peter G. HigginsVol.1 No.140-53Free access
Self-efficacy support in senior computer interactionHenk Herman Nap; H. Paul De Greef; Don G. BouwhuisVol.1 No.127-39Free access
Computer-assisted rehabilitation: towards effective evaluationHugo Nicolau; Tiago Guerreiro; Rita Pereira; Daniel Gonçalves; Joaquim JorgeVol.1 No.111-26Free access
The role of endophenocognitypes in cognitive performanceKenneth RevettVol.1 No.11-10Free access