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  • Study of the Business Distress on Public Traded Companies in Taiwan   Order a copy of this article
    by Li-Tze Lee 
    Abstract: With globalization and rapid changes in the economic environment, the global economic downturn makes enterprises unable to respond to these changes. Besides these changes, the mistake of decision-making, misuse of resources, improper investment or over expansion which led to corporate operating losses. Therefore, it increase the possibility of business distress. However, if precise relevant indicators can be found prior to the distress, they can be useful information and benefit to creditors, investors, shareholders, business organizations and government. This study analyzed corporate crisis companies along with normal companies to examine their indicators from financial factors, human factor and ownership factor during the period of 2011 to 2012. The empirical results indicate that even financial factor indicators have higher prediction, models with human and ownership factors provide more information about corporate crisis.
    Keywords: Financial Distress; Logistic Regression; T test; Chi-square Test.

  • Amalgamation of Customized Education and Personalized Leisure Activities enhances Cognitive Development   Order a copy of this article
    by Hemant Nanda, Shruti Marwaha 
    Abstract: Cognition refers to the mental functions and mental processes. Certainly, the aim of education globally is to enhance students cognitive skills. In this context, the present longitudinal study was conducted on a sample of 8000 students in order to analyse the impact of the regular intervention of customized education and personalized activities based on the natural learning style of the students on their cognitive development and academic achievement. It was found that if the students are taught according to their respective learning nature, they will learn much easily and develop their interest in studies. Every child is unique. The truly empowered educational system must cater to the individual needs of children so that they can perform upto their potential and that no talent remains unexplored. The regular intervention of customized education and constructive leisure activities led to the increase in the cognitive abilities as well as academic achievement.
    Keywords: Cognitive development; Academic achievement; Customized education; Personalized activities; Natural learning style.

  • How Individual, Job and Working Environment Characteristics Effects Employee Performance in Indonesian State Employment Agency   Order a copy of this article
    by Rinanda Ayu Octaviani, M. Ali Iqbal, Rhian Indradewa 
    Abstract: Abstract: The objective of this paper was to examine the effect of individual characteristics, job characteristics, and working environment characteristics on employee performance at the Indonesian State Employment Agency. The research conducted used primary data from 358 respondents through questionnaires, direct observation of the object under study and a review of the literature. The method of analysis used quantitative data to test the level of significance of the effect of individual, job and working environment characteristics on employee performance at the Indonesian State Employment Agency. The overall results showed that individual, job and working environment characteristics, either partially or simultaneously positive and significantly impact the performance of Indonesian government employees.
    Keywords: individual characteristics; job characteristics; working environment characteristics; employee performance.