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International Journal of Collaborative Intelligence (IJCI)

International Journal of Collaborative Intelligence

Title Author(s) Vol. and Issue nos. Page nos. Full-text article
A discrete cuckoo search algorithm for travelling salesman problemYongquan Zhou; Xinxin Ouyang; Jian XieVol.1 No.168-84Free access
A new link-based method to ensemble clustering and cancer microarray data analysis Natthakan Iam-On; Tossapon Boongoen; Nattawut KongkotchawanVol.1 No.145-67Free access
Joint intention-based collaborationJianhua Zhang; Zhongzhi Shi; Jinpeng Yue; Baoyuan QiVol.1 No.133-44Free access
Collective memory based on semantic annotation among economic intelligence actorsBensattalah Aissa; Fahima Nader; Rachid ChalalVol.1 No.118-32Free access
Research on parameters optimisation of SVM based on swarm intelligenceShifei Ding; Huajuan HuangVol.1 No.14-17Free access