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International Journal of Business and Systems Research (IJBSR)

International Journal of Business and Systems Research

Title Author(s) Vol. and Issue nos. Page nos. Full-text article
A hybrid systems approach to determine effective factors on the growth of marine industries in developing countriesShahdad Eshaghpour; Seyed Hossein Hosseini; Seyed Amir Aghaei; Mohammad Saeed SeifVol.15 No.1124-142Free access
Musculoskeletal health problems and relationship of risk factors among manual clay brick sector workersManoj Kumar Sain; M.L. Meena; G.S. DangayachVol.15 No.1112-123Free access
An integrated model for formulation, alignment, execution and evaluation of business and IT strategiesSarandis MitropoulosVol.15 No.190-111Free access
Exploring the impact of multi-class teams in an immersive learning environment on student learning experience and engagementBih-Ru Lea; Li Li EngVol.15 No.168-89Free access
Leadership models in the gamification context - case studyJoão Pedro Pereira; Renato Lopes Da Costa; José Borges; Maria Isabel MiguelVol.15 No.153-67Free access
Recommender systems: an overview, research trends, and future directionsPradeep Kumar Singh; Pijush Kanti Dutta Pramanik; Avick Kumar Dey; Prasenjit ChoudhuryVol.15 No.114-52Free access
Covid-19, economy and the 'drop of honey effect' metaphor - a note on the Portuguese case. Situation and measuresJosé António FilipeVol.15 No.11-13Free access