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International Journal of Biometrics (IJBM)

International Journal of Biometrics

Title Author(s) Vol. and Issue nos. Page nos. Full-text article
A novel fingerprint classification system using BPNN with local binary pattern and weighted PCAK. Sasirekha; K. ThangavelVol.10 No.177-104Free access
An authentication system using keystroke dynamicsFarhana Javed Zareen; Chirag Matta; Akshay Arora; Sarmod Singh; Suraiya JabinVol.10 No.165-76Free access
On the potential of EEG for biometrics: combining power spectral density with a statistical testHemang Shrivastava; Gleb V. TcheslavskiVol.10 No.152-64Free access
GSI: efficient spatio-temporal template for human gait recognitionMohammad H. Ghaeminia; Shahriar B. ShokouhiVol.10 No.129-51Free access
Palmprint identification and verification with minimal number of featuresHemantha Kumar KalluriVol.10 No.116-28Free access
Signature recognition using binary features and KNNHedjaz Hezil; Rafik Djemili; Houcine BouroubaVol.10 No.11-15Free access