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International Journal of Biometrics (IJBM)

International Journal of Biometrics

Title Author(s) Vol. and Issue nos. Page nos. Full-text article
Algorithm research of spoken English assessment based on fuzzy measure and speech recognition technologyDongbo Cao; Ying GuoVol.12 No.1120-129Free access
Research on the optimal design of municipal roads based on genetic algorithmsLi Shufang; Zhang Xiu; Zhang LiVol.12 No.1109-119Free access
Research on logistics distribution path analysis based on artificial intelligence algorithmsCuiping YaoVol.12 No.1100-108Free access
A study on the fatigue of bus drivers based on biological modelsXiao HongVol.12 No.191-99Free access
Research on manipulator motion control based on neural network algorithmsShi Qiongyan; Zhang JianghuaVol.12 No.181-90Free access
Research on educational informatisation platforms based on Web 2.0Zhixue Wang; Kai KangVol.12 No.167-80Free access
Research on network intrusion detection security based on improved extreme learning algorithms and neural network algorithmsZhenjun DaiVol.12 No.156-66Free access
The design of embedded image teaching systems based on ARM technologyCan WangVol.12 No.147-55Free access
Linearisation control of AC permanent magnet synchronous motor servo system based on sensor technologyYongqiu LiuVol.12 No.129-46Free access
Research on the optimisation of complex models of large-scale building structures dependent on adaptive grey genetic algorithmsXiaohong ShiVol.12 No.113-28Free access
Research on the evaluation model of deep foundation pit supporting structures in urban traffic tunnelsWenbiao HeVol.12 No.13-12Free access