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International Journal of Business Information Systems (IJBIS)

International Journal of Business Information Systems

Title Author(s) Vol. and Issue nos. Page nos. Full-text article
Behavioural intentional to use computers among educatorsLoh Wai Ling; Wan Fatimah Wan Ahmad; Termit Kaur Ranjit SinghVol.33 No.1144-155Free access
How do YouTubers make money? A lesson learned from the most subscribed YouTuber channelsBo HanVol.33 No.1132-143Free access
Contributions from organisational collaboration to business intelligence solutions successJosé Manuel Villamarín-GarcíaVol.33 No.1103-131Free access
The effect of organisational culture on creativity and innovation processes (case study: Tondar Department of IKCO)Mohammad Zeraatkar; Maryam Roudneshin; Mohammad Ali SobhanallahiVol.33 No.180-102Free access
Portfolio of IT investment and organisational performance. Moderating role of decentralised decision makingAmri Mohamad; Pingli Li; Nafis Alam; Yuserrie ZainuddinVol.33 No.148-79Free access
Does information system technology succeed in helping manage debt?D. Sukma Permana; Sutaryo SutaryoVol.33 No.123-47Free access
A conceptual model of institutional information culture and interpersonal conflict which influence the information system success: user's perceptionMohammed Aboaoga; Mohd Juzaiddin Ab Aziz; Ibrahim MohamedVol.33 No.11-22Free access