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International Journal of Auditing Technology (IJAudiT)

International Journal of Auditing Technology

Title Author(s) Vol. and Issue nos. Page nos. Full-text article
The US$ 2.1 billion derivative loss that ruined the Brazilian AracruzFernando Dal-Ri Murcia; Flávia Cruz De Souza Murcia; Elisete Dahmer PfitscherVol.3 No.3217-230Free access
Innovation networks: the effects of collaboration in the oil and gas industriesAdonis Pedro Coutinho Barboza; Mauro Maia LarucciaVol.3 No.3201-216Free access
Firm's financial risk vulnerability: evidence from NigeriaEtumudon Ndidi AsienVol.3 No.3184-200Free access
Triple entry ledgers with blockchain for auditingFelipe De Oliveira Simoyama; Ian Grigg; Ricardo Luiz Pereira Bueno; Ludmila Cavarzere De OliveiraVol.3 No.3163-183Free access