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International Journal of Applied Pattern Recognition (IJAPR)

International Journal of Applied Pattern Recognition

Title Author(s) Vol. and Issue nos. Page nos. Full-text article
A modified GA classifier for offline Tamil handwritten character recognitionAshlin Deepa Roselent Nelson; Ramisetty Rajeswara RaoVol.4 No.189-105Free access
Multi-aspects of emotional electrocardiogram classification in combination with musical stimuli and composite featuresAtefeh Goshvarpour; Ataollah Abbasi; Ateke GoshvarpourVol.4 No.164-88Free access
Two-stage classification approach for the recognition of handwritten atomic Odia characterRamesh Kumar Mohapatra; Banshidhar Majhi; Sanjay Kumar JenaVol.4 No.144-63Free access
A novel optimised face recognition application based on modified shuffled frog leaping algorithmGhada Torkhani; Anis Ladgham; Anis Sakly; Mohamed Nejib MansouriVol.4 No.127-43Free access
Camera movement artefact correctionJoshin John Mathew; Ben Aloysius GomezVol.4 No.114-26Free access
Local binary patterns and wrinkle analysis in combination with multi-class support vector machine for human age classificationJayant Jagtap; Manesh KokareVol.4 No.11-13Free access