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International Journal of Applied Management Science (IJAMS)

International Journal of Applied Management Science

Title Author(s) Vol. and Issue nos. Page nos. Full-text article
Local brand origin knowledge of young consumers in a developing countrySulhaini; Rusdan; Rahman Dayani; Sulaimiah; Baiq IsmiwatiVol.11 No.172-90Free access
Selection process of emerging technologies using AHP-FMCGP mixed method: transportation industry of IranJafar Bagherinejad; Paria FakhrzadVol.11 No.155-71Free access
A quasi-visibility graph based clique-extraction heuristic model for partitioning of planar shapeSourav Saha; Ankita Mandal; Sayantan Rana; Priya Ranjan Sinha MahapatraVol.11 No.136-54Free access
Effects of buyer-supplier relationship on social performance improvement and innovation performance improvementUsama AwanVol.11 No.121-35Free access
Linear fractional programming based on triangular neutrosophic numbersMohamed Abdel-Basset; Mai Mohamed; Florentin SmarandacheVol.11 No.11-20Free access