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International Journal of Applied Management Science (IJAMS)

International Journal of Applied Management Science

Title Author(s) Vol. and Issue nos. Page nos. Full-text article
Predicting sexual offenders using exhaustive CHAID techniques on victim's ageBhajneet Kaur; Laxmi Ahuja; Vinay KumarVol.14 No.171-89Free access
Inventory model for decay items with safe chemical storage and inflation using artificial bee colony algorithmAjay Singh Yadav; Anupam Swami; Navin Ahlawat; Geethanjali Kher; Sachin KumarVol.14 No.157-70Free access
Anti-social behaviour analysis using random forest and word to vector approachNidhi Chandra; Sunil Kumar Khatri; Subhranil SomVol.14 No.138-56Free access
Testing resource allocation for software with multiple versionsAdarsh Anand; Subhrata Das; Ompal Singh; Vijay KumarVol.14 No.123-37Free access
Modelling and measuring attributes influencing agile implementation in an enterprise using structural equation modellingAbhishek Srivastava; Deepti Mehrotra; P.K. Kapur; Vijay KumarVol.14 No.13-22Free access