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International Journal of Applied Management Science (IJAMS)

International Journal of Applied Management Science

Title Author(s) Vol. and Issue nos. Page nos. Full-text article
Antecedents of online purchase intention in the context of social commerceRishabh Shekhar; Uma Pricilda JaidevVol.12 No.168-95Free access
Tabu search and constraint programming-based approach for a real scheduling and routing problemAbdellah El Fallahi; El Yaakoubi Anass; Mohammad CherkaouiVol.12 No.150-67Free access
Establishing and comparing electrical energy consumption of sawmillsDayakar Devaru; Ramakrishna Maddula; Bhaskaran GopalakrishnanVol.12 No.123-49Free access
The evaluation of renewable energy predictive modelling in energy dependency reduction: a system dynamics approachEmad Rabiei Hosseinabad; Reinaldo J. MoragaVol.12 No.11-22Free access