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International Journal of Advanced Intelligence Paradigms (IJAIP)

International Journal of Advanced Intelligence Paradigms

Title Author(s) Vol. and Issue nos. Page nos. Full-text article
Development and analysis of downlink scheduling algorithm in LTE system with imperfect channel quality indicatorS. Fouziya Sulthana; R. NakkeeranVol.18 No.179-93Free access
An integrated and secured medical data framework for effective tele health applicationsG. Vallathan; K. JayanthiVol.18 No.163-78Free access
Investigations on scheduling algorithms in LTE-advanced networks with carrier aggregationS. Shaffath Hussain Shakir; A. RajeshVol.18 No.146-62Free access
Non-dominated sorting particle swarm optimisation for multi-channel cooperative spectrum sensing in heterogeneous green CRNsSenthil Kumar Babu; C.V.M.S.N. Pavan KumarVol.18 No.125-45Free access
Distributed genetic algorithm for lifetime coverage optimisation in wireless sensor networksAli Kadhum Idrees; Wathiq Laftah Al-YaseenVol.18 No.13-24Free access