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International Journal of Advanced Intelligence Paradigms (IJAIP)

International Journal of Advanced Intelligence Paradigms

Title Author(s) Vol. and Issue nos. Page nos. Full-text article
Fuzzy multi-attribute decision-making approach for the selection of software effort estimation modelsAshu Bansal; Neeraj Gupta; Rakesh GargVol.21 No.1/2174-188Free access
Hybrid probabilistic triple encryption approach for data security in cloud computingVartika Kulshrestha; Seema Verma; C. Rama KrishnaVol.21 No.1/2158-173Free access
eeFFA/DE - a fuzzy-based clustering algorithm using hybrid technique for wireless sensor networksRicha Sharma; Vasudha Vashisht; Umang SinghVol.21 No.1/2129-157Free access
Statistical analysis of EMG and GSR biofeedback efficacy on different modes for chronic TTH on various indicatorsRohit Rastogi; D.K. Chaturvedi; Santosh Satya; Navneet Arora; Vikash Yadav; Vishwas Yadav; Pallavi Sharma; Sumit ChauhanVol.21 No.1/2109-128Free access
A visualisation technique of extracting hidden patterns for maintaining road safetyC. Selvarathi; S. Subha; G. Madasamy Raja; K. Vidhya LakshmiVol.21 No.1/2100-108Free access
Swarm intelligence for a single source product distributionSurafel Luleseged TilahunVol.21 No.1/287-99Free access
Teaching learning-based optimisation for job scheduling in computational gridsTarun Kumar Ghosh; Sanjoy DasVol.21 No.1/272-86Free access
Trust-based-tuning of Bayesian-watchdog intrusion detection for fast and improved detection of black hole attacks in mobile ad hoc networksRuchi Makani; B.V.R. ReddyVol.21 No.1/253-71Free access
Sequential pattern-based activity recognition model for ambient computingJ. Gitanjali; Muhammad Rukunuddin GhalibVol.21 No.1/241-52Free access
Improved biogeography-based optimisationRaju Pal; Mukesh SaraswatVol.21 No.1/218-40Free access
Content-based load balancing of tasks using task clustering for cost optimisation in cloud computing environmentKaushik Sekaran; P. Venkata KrishnaVol.21 No.1/21-17Free access