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International Journal of Ad Hoc and Ubiquitous Computing (IJAHUC)

International Journal of Ad Hoc and Ubiquitous Computing

Title Author(s) Vol. and Issue nos. Page nos. Full-text article
Dynamic resource allocation for multimedia services delivery in cellular/infostation integrated HSR networksYan Lei; Gang Zhu; Shengfeng Xu; Jianwen Ding; Zhangdui ZhongVol.24 No.1/2134-145Free access
Utilisation and energy consumption of fair-access in sensor networks with selected grid topologiesMiao Peng; Yang Xiao; Bo SunVol.24 No.1/2117-133Free access
Context aware spectrum handoff scheme in cognitive radio vehicular networksKrishan Kumar; Arun Prakash; Rajeev TripathiVol.24 No.1/2101-116Free access
QSLB: queue size based single path load balancing routing protocol for MANETsMohd Naseem; Chiranjeev KumarVol.24 No.1/290-100Free access
Clustering-based enhanced safety message dissemination medium access control protocol for vehicular ad hoc networkNishu Gupta; Arun Prakash; Rajeev TripathiVol.24 No.1/276-89Free access
A density-based contention window control scheme for unicast communications in vehicular ad hoc networksAli Balador; Carlos Calafate; Juan-Carlos Cano; Pietro ManzoniVol.24 No.1/265-75Free access
Urban pseudonym changing strategy for location privacy in VANETsAbdelwahab Boualouache; Samira MoussaouiVol.24 No.1/249-64Free access
Deployment of vehicular networks in highways using 802.11p and IPv6 technologiesJosé Santa; Pedro J. Fernández; Fernando PereñíguezVol.24 No.1/233-48Free access
Green wave-based virtual traffic light management scheme with VANETsLi-Der Chou; Tsung-Yi Shen; Chia-Wei Tseng; Yao-Jen Chang; Yen-Wei KuoVol.24 No.1/222-32Free access
Hybridisation of genetic algorithm with simulated annealing for vertical-handover in heterogeneous wireless networksShidrokh Goudarzi; Wan Haslina Hassan; Seyed Ahmad Soleymani; Mohammad Hossein AnisiVol.24 No.1/24-21Free access


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