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International Journal of Ad Hoc and Ubiquitous Computing (IJAHUC)

International Journal of Ad Hoc and Ubiquitous Computing

Title Author(s) Vol. and Issue nos. Page nos. Full-text article
A reliable transmission scheme for 3D point cloud based on partial decode-and-forward relay over burst error fading channelJianjun Hao; Luyao Liu; Wei ChenVol.39 No.1/2105-112Free access
Research on multi-feature fusion entity relation extraction based on deep learningShiao Xu; Shuihua Sun; Zhiyuan Zhang; Fan XuVol.39 No.1/293-104Free access
Learning stereo disparity with feature consistency and confidenceLiaoying Zhao; Jiaming Li; Jianjun Li; Yong Wu; Shichao Cheng; Zheng Tang; Guobao Hui; Chin-Chen ChangVol.39 No.1/283-92Free access
Behaviour-based grey wolf optimiser for a wireless sensor network deployment problemYu Qiao; Hung-Yao Hsu; Jeng-Shyang PanVol.39 No.1/270-82Free access
Two-stage adaptive weight vector design method for decomposition based many-objective evolutionary algorithmXiaofang Guo; Yuping Wang; Xiaozhi GaoVol.39 No.1/258-69Free access
Optimal dense convolutional network model for image classification in unmanned aerial vehicles based ad hoc networksI.S. Hephzi Punithavathi; S. Dhanasekaran; P. Duraipandy; E. Laxmi Lydia; M. Sivaram; K. ShankarVol.39 No.1/246-57Free access
Auto insurance fraud identification based on a CNN-LSTM fusion deep learning modelHuosong Xia; Yanjun Zhou; Zuopeng ZhangVol.39 No.1/237-45Free access
A compact GBMO applied to modify DV-Hop based on layers in a wireless sensor networkJeng-Shyang Pan; Min Gao; Jian-Po Li; Shu-Chuan ChuVol.39 No.1/220-36Free access
An adaptive stochastic central force optimisation algorithm for node localisation in wireless sensor networksPei-Cheng Song; Shu-Chuan Chu; Jeng-Shyang Pan; Tsu-Yang WuVol.39 No.1/21-19Free access