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International Journal of Accounting and Finance (IJAF)

International Journal of Accounting and Finance

Title Author(s) Vol. and Issue nos. Page nos. Full-text article
Valuation of a risk-averse investor under incomplete informationKazuhiro Takino; Yoshikazu IshinagiVol.9 No.168-85Free access
Flipping activity in Malaysian IPO market: a new explanation from the winners' curse perspectiveNorliza Che-Yahya; Ruzita Abdul-Rahim; Rasidah Mohd-RashidVol.9 No.147-67Free access
Explaining the functional orientation of the budget: a survey of Swedish organisationsSven-Olof Yrjö Collin; Timurs Umans; Kristian Lindqvist; Kristian TjörnebrantVol.9 No.128-46Free access
Impression management using graphical resources in Brazilian company reportsKeylla Dennyse Celestino Da Silva; Fernanda Fernandes Rodrigues; César Augusto Tibúrcio SilvaVol.9 No.11-27Free access