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International Journal of Applied Decision Sciences (IJADS)

International Journal of Applied Decision Sciences

Title Author(s) Vol. and Issue nos. Page nos. Full-text article
Design and application of university laboratory safety evaluation system based on fuzzy analytic hierarchy process and back propagation neural networkChengli Guan; Yue Yang; Changhui Chen; Jianhao FengVol.16 No.1114-128Free access
The strategic impact of information systems in organisations: an empirical studyRenato Lopes da Costa; Ana Cunha; Rui Gonçalves; Leandro Pereira; Álvaro Dias; Rui Vinhas da SilvaVol.16 No.187-113Free access
Strategic intentions guided by individual values: evidence from business ownersPavel Prokushenkov; Mike Franz WahlVol.16 No.167-86Free access
Decision support system for the feasibility of investment in the virgin coconut oil agro-industryMeilizar; Ridha Luthvina; Nurike Oktavia; PutranesiaVol.16 No.142-66Free access
Blockchain applications and challenges for supply chain and Industry 4.0: a literature reviewKuanchin Chen; Damodar Y. Golhar; Snehamay BanerjeeVol.16 No.11-41Free access