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International Journal of Applied Decision Sciences (IJADS)

International Journal of Applied Decision Sciences

Title Author(s) Vol. and Issue nos. Page nos. Full-text article
Hotspot analysis of rural inclusive finance based on keyword co-occurrence clusteringMei Zhang; Huihui Su; Jinghua WenVol.15 No.1100-116Free access
Ranking risk attitudes using an integrated AHP-TOPSIS approachLubna Obaid; Haneen Abuzaid; Dorid Dalalah; Salhah Alhassani; Fouzeya Albastaki; Tania El KhalilVol.15 No.168-99Free access
Capital structure and firm value nexus: the Ghanaian experienceEbenezer Fiifi Emire Atta Mills; Jema Jason MwasambiliVol.15 No.146-67Free access
An empirical study on internet-based false news stories: experiences, problem awareness and responsibilitiesSven GrünerVol.15 No.115-45Free access
Optimal portfolio selection with transaction costs in compound binomial modelFang Jin; Hui OuVol.15 No.11-14Free access