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International Journal of Automation and Control (IJAAC)

International Journal of Automation and Control

Title Author(s) Vol. and Issue nos. Page nos. Full-text article
Modelling, stability analysis and computational aspects of nonlinear fuzzy PID controllers using Mamdani minimum inferenceN.K. Arun; B.M. MohanVol.12 No.1153-174Free access
Load frequency control of multi-area interconnected thermal power system: artificial intelligence-based approachKaliannan Jagatheesan; Baskaran Anand; Nilanjan Dey; Amira S. Ashour; Valentina E. BalasVol.12 No.1126-152Free access
Adaptive fuzzy control strategy for greenhouse micro-climateMouna Boughamsa; Messaoud RamdaniVol.12 No.1108-125Free access
Discrete-time sliding mode control of a class of linear uncertain saturated systemsBorhen Torchani; Chaker Zaafouri; Anis Sellami; Germain GarciaVol.12 No.178-107Free access
Fuzzy fractional sliding mode observer design for a class of nonlinear dynamics of the cancer diseaseSaeed Rooka; Reza GhasemiVol.12 No.162-77Free access
A Takagi-Sugeno fuzzy control of induction motor drive: experimental resultsHabib Ben Zina; Moez Allouche; Mansour Souissi; Mohamed Chaabane; Larbi Chrifi-Alaoui; Maha BouattourVol.12 No.144-61Free access
Adaptive nonlinear observer augmented by radial basis neural network for a nonlinear sensorless control of an induction machineMourad Boufadene; Mohammed Belkheiri; Abdelhamid RabhiVol.12 No.127-43Free access
A novel 4-D hyperchaotic system with two quadratic nonlinearities and its adaptive synchronisationSundarapandian Vaidyanathan; Ahmad Taher Azar; Abdesselem BoulkrouneVol.12 No.15-26Free access