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European Journal of International Management (EJIM)

European Journal of International Management

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Title Author(s) Vol. and Issue nos. Page nos. Full-text article
Organising multilingually: setting an agenda for studying language at workJo Angouri; Rebecca PiekkariVol.12 No.1/28-27Free access
Validation of a measure of social entrepreneurshipShawn M. Carraher; Dianne H.B. Welsh; Andrew SvilokosVol.10 No.4386-402Free access
Entrepreneurial orientation in the emerging Russian regulatory context: the criticality of interpersonal relationshipsWilliam J. Wales; Galina Shirokova; Liubov Sokolova; Christopher SteinVol.10 No.3359-382Free access
Standardisation vs. adaption: a conjoint experiment on the influence of psychic, cultural and geographical distance on international marketing mix decisionsSascha Kraus; Fabian Meier; Felix Eggers; Ricarda B. Bouncken; Felix SchuesslerVol.10 No.2127-156Free access
Linking corporate social responsibility and financial performance in Spanish firmsRosa María Muñoz; Jesús David Sánchez de Pablo; Isidro PeñaVol.9 No.3368-383Free access
Challenges in international survey research: a review with illustrations and suggested solutions for best practiceAnne-Wil Harzing; B. Sebastian Reiche; Markus PudelkoVol.7 No.1112-134Free access
Top management retention in cross-border acquisitions: the roles of financial incentives, acquirer's commitment and autonomyMohammad Faisal Ahammad; Keith W. Glaister; Yaakov Weber; Shlomo Yedidia TarbaVol.6 No.4458-480Free access
Effectiveness of talent management strategiesPamela Bethke-Langenegger, Philippe Mahler, Bruno StaffelbachVol.5 No.5524-539Free access
European perspectives on talent managementDavid G. Collings, Hugh Scullion, Vlad VaimanVol.5 No.5453-462Free access
Mergers and acquisitions performance paradox: the mediating role of integration approachYaakov Weber, Shlomo Yedidia Tarba, Ziva Rozen BacharVol.5 No.4373-393Free access
Gender differences in expatriate adjustmentArno HaslbergerVol.4 No.1/2163-183Free access
Cultural values in organisations: insights for EuropeLilach Sagiv, Shalom H. SchwartzVol.1 No.3176-190Free access
Critical issues in international management research: an agenda for future advancementJoseph L.C. ChengVol.1 No.1/223-38Free access