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European Journal of International Management (EJIM)

European Journal of International Management

The following articles showcase the range and quality of the content in the European Journal of International Management (EJIM)

European Journal of International Management: past, present and futureSatish Kumar; Andrea Paltrinieri; Weng Marc Lim; Nitesh Pandey; Debmalya MukherjeeVol.18 No.11-31Free access
The impact of knowledge creation and acquisition on innovation, coopetition and international opportunity developmentGina Marques Carvalho Santos; Carla Susana Marques; Vanessa Ratten; João J. FerreiraVol.16 No.3450-472Free access
Trust, reciprocity and reputation in informal networks in post-Soviet RussiaSven Horak; Andreas Klein; Anna SvirinaVol.15 No.4657-685Free access
Successful knowledge transfer in IJVs: the role of trust, partner compatibility and expected benefitsKonstantinos Rotsios; Nikolaos Sklavounos; Yannis HajidimitriouVol.15 No.4595-614Free access
Does culture frame technological innovativeness? A study of millennials in triad countriesAndreas Klein; Sven Horak; Sabine Bacouël-Jentjens; Xiaomei LiVol.15 No.4564-594Free access
Strategy and performance of Russian firms: an organisational capabilities perspectiveJohn E. Spillan; John A. Parnell; Andrei Panibratov; Andrey YukhanaevVol.15 No.11-26Free access
Factors affecting SMEs' strategic decisions to approach international marketsCarla Azevedo Lobo; Cristina I.M.A.S. Fernandes; João J.M. Ferreira; Marta Peris-OrtizVol.14 No.4617-639Free access
The expanded model of cultural intelligence and its explanatory power in the context of expatriation intentionNicole Franziska Richter; Christopher Schlaegel; Marian Van Bakel; Robert L. EngleVol.14 No.2381-419Free access
The better, the worse, and the bicultural: examining bicultural competence and bicultural liability in elite football teamsMike Szymanski; Ebru IpekVol.14 No.2357-380Free access
Between domestic and international new ventures: the relevance of entrepreneurs' and firms' characteristicsNuno Fernandes Crespo; Diana AurélioVol.14 No.128-54Free access