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European Journal of International Management (EJIM)

European Journal of International Management

The following articles showcase the range and quality of the content in the European Journal of International Management (EJIM)

Global value chains and liability of international connectivity: MNE strategy post COVID-19Sarah McWilliam; Bo Bernhard Nielsen; Constantina KottaridiVol.21 No.1121 - 139Free access
Revisiting economic distance and its role in foreign subsidiary survivalPratik Arte; Jorma LarimoVol.20 No.3369 - 407Free access
A state-of-the-art review on international strategic alliances: do we really know what we are researching?Susana C. Silva; Maria Elo; Jorma Larimo; Božidar Vlacic; Raquel MenesesVol.21 No.3400 - 439Free access
SMEs prefer JVs: why SMEs' equity entry mode choices are different from those of large firms?Maria Cristina Sestu; Alfredo D'Angelo; Antonio MajocchiVol.21 No.3489 - 508Free access
M&As by Chinese multinational enterprises in developed economiesJuan Wu; Dirk MorschettVol.21 No.3460 - 488Free access
Expatriates' influence on the affective commitment of host country nationals in China: The moderating effects of individual values and status characteristicsAnna Katharina Bader; Fabian Jintae Froese; Andreas Achteresch; Simon BehrensVol.11 No.2181 - 200Free access
The response of EU trade dependent firms to the globalisation backlashLouise Curran; Jappe EckhardtVol.18 No.2/3283 - 328Free access
International entrepreneurship: analysing the current state of researchHongbo Li; Qi Kang; Andrea Calabrò; Sascha Kraus; Paul JonesVol.21 No.196 - 120Free access
Challenges in international survey research: a review with illustrations and suggested solutions for best practiceAnne-Wil Harzing; B. Sebastian Reiche; Markus PudelkoVol.7 No.1112 - 134Free access