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International Journal of Powertrains (IJPT)

International Journal of Powertrains

Title Author(s) Vol. and Issue nos. Page nos. Full-text article
Upgrading conventional cars to solar hybrid vehiclesGianfranco Rizzo; Massimo Naddeo; Cecilia PisantiVol.7 No.1/2/3249-280Free access
A hardware-in-the-loop test rig for development of electric vehicle battery identification and state estimation algorithmsAbbas Fotouhi; Karsten Propp; Lilantha Samaranayake; Daniel Auger; Stefano LongoVol.7 No.1/2/3227-248Free access
A study into different cell-level cooling strategies for cylindrical lithium-ion cells in automotive applicationsDaniel Worwood; R. Algoo; Ryan J. McGlen; James Marco; David GreenwoodVol.7 No.1/2/3199-226Free access
A study of transient over-fuelling during heavy knock in an optical spark ignition engineHassan Vafamehr; Alasdair Cairns; Hazhir Ebne-AbbasiVol.7 No.1/2/3180-198Free access
Microgeometrical tooth profile modification influencing efficiency of planetary hub gearsEhsan Fatourehchi; Mahdi Mohammadpour; Paul D. King; Homer Rahnejat; Gareth Trimmer; Alan WilliamsVol.7 No.1/2/3162-179Free access
Design optimisation for an additively manufactured automotive componentMeisam Abdi; Ian Ashcroft; Ricky D. WildmanVol.7 No.1/2/3142-161Free access
Design of experiments to generate a fuel cell electro-thermal performance map and optimise transitional pathwaysQuentin Meyer; Lara Rasha; Hans-Michael Koegeler; Simon Foster; Paul Adcock; Paul R. Shearing; Dan J.L. BrettVol.7 No.1/2/3118-141Free access
Structural analysis and topology optimisation of an aftercooler cover for weight reduction in off-highway engine applicationThomas Murton; Ramin Rahmani; John CrewVol.7 No.1/2/394-117Free access
Effect of radial turbo-expander design on off-highway vehicle organic Rankine cycle system efficiencyFuhaid Alshammari; Apostolos Karvountzis-Kontakiotis; Apostolos PesyridisVol.7 No.1/2/372-93Free access
Predictive control of commercial e-vehicle using a priori route informationPavel Steinbauer; Josef Husák; Florent Pasteur; Petr Denk; Jan Macek; Zbynek ŠikaVol.7 No.1/2/353-71Free access
A numerical study of intake valve jet flapping in a gasoline direct injection engineNicholas J. Beavis; Salah S. Ibrahim; Weeratunge MalalasekeraVol.7 No.1/2/338-52Free access
Dynamic modelling of the turbocharged gasoline direct injection air-path using mean value and linear parameter varying modelsMohammadjavad Ghomashi; Byron Mason; Mark Cary; Kambiz Ebrahimi; Aitshaam ShahzadVol.7 No.1/2/315-37Free access
Analysis and design exploration of single stage compound stepped planetary gear transmissionsChristos Spitas; Amin Amani; Efstratios Tsolakis; Vasilios SpitasVol.7 No.1/2/31-14Free access