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International Journal of Hydromechatronics (IJHM)

International Journal of Hydromechatronics

Title Author(s) Vol. and Issue nos. Page nos. Full-text article
Sensitivity indices of a reinforced concrete beam exposed to explosionsNazim Abdul NarimanVol.5 No.192-108Free access
Analysis and optimisation of impact wear of diesel engine needle valve assemblyLei Gang; Guanghua Huang; Haijun Yuan; Songlin Xia; Wei TanVol.5 No.180-91Free access
Stability analysis of elastic steel beam-column under high temperatureJinhai Zhao; Zhenqing Wang; Yulai HanVol.5 No.144-79Free access
Solution of structural mechanic's problems by machine learningHimanshu Gaur; Basim Khidhir; Ram Kishore ManchiryalVol.5 No.122-43Free access
Explicit implementation of the non-local operator method: a non-local dynamic formulation for elasticity solidYongzheng ZhangVol.5 No.13-21Free access