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International Journal of Economics and Business Research (IJEBR)

International Journal of Economics and Business Research

Title Author(s) Vol. and Issue nos. Page nos. Full-text article
The role of accounting information in valuing administrative issues of Korea ExchangeGee-Jung KwonVol.17 No.1106-125Free access
The analysis of unemployment, happiness and demographic factors using log-linear modelsSultan Kuzu; Sevgi Elmas-Atay; Merve GerçekVol.17 No.187-105Free access
Corporate governance and agency problemsSoonwook HongVol.17 No.170-86Free access
Measuring performance of a pharmaceutical company in the MENA region by means of the cash flow statementLeonie JoosteVol.17 No.153-69Free access
Public school teachers' perceived sense of self-efficacy in teaching students with disabilities in the United Arab EmiratesSamir Dukmak; Ibtehal M. Aburezeq; Ahmed KhaledVol.17 No.134-52Free access
Islamic work ethics for Arab managers: the missing paradigm between espoused Islam and Islam-in-useSaad G. Yaseen; Ghaleb A. ElRefaeVol.17 No.118-33Free access
Enhancing youth employability: a public private development partnership model to acquire industrial skillsJaime Moll De Alba; Virpi StuckiVol.17 No.11-17Free access